Vision & Mission

What We Do

Our Mission

At Yarn, our aim is to fully satisfy customers worldwide. By offering innovative and personalized logistics solutions to our clients and minimalising their logistics expenses whilst constantly raising our service quality and investing in technology.

We connect our clients with the right supplier by following our philosophy “Link – Track – Deliver”
Mainly understanding our clients’ specific requirements, placing and tracking the orders, and finally delivering as our shipping and clearance service assures our clients timely delivery.

With a strong local knowledge, we are eager to manage your logistics in a globalised world. Adding unique value to the supply chain, we offer global shipping services such as sea freight, exportation, documentation, inspection and warehousing.

Our aim is to always be two steps ahead in thinking of solutions. As well as maintaining commitment to long-term relationships with our clients. Our ship tracking system allows our customers to follow up and track their shipments throughout the entire process.

Our Vision

We are on the pursuit of innovation. Being a key logistics partner to our customers while providing technology based logistics solutions on every continent and establishing a global logistics company.

Always connecting people to a brighter future – through logistics.